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Deliver your message more effectively. Zasco Productions can provide projection for standard "presentation support" (i.e. PowerPoint, slides, etc). But, why not take it to the next level? Use video projection to deliver information, create a theme, a virtual set, or scenic element. Use it for I-MAG (image magnification) of your presenter, or for video playback of pre-produced video or graphics packages for presenter introductions. In addition, new super wide-screens and multi-projector edge blending technology allow you to create scenery or virtual sets with computer graphics and animations.

Video reinforcement or I-MAG (image magnification) is typically used when an audience would not be able to see the action, presenter, or content from their seats due to the distance away from the stage. In order to keep the audiences attention, as well as allow for visual support, video screens and cameras are used to display larger images on screens which are appropriately sized and positioned for optimum viewing. Imagine your audience enjoying the entire event as if they were in the front row!

Click on an image on the left of this page, and observe the benefits. You will see that the presenter or performer on stage is tiny compared to the projected image. Most of these photos were taken from actual audience seats in a venue. Now... would you enjoy the show from these same seats if no I-MAG was employed? Video reinforcement even gives you the opportunity to comply with requirements for meeting the needs of the hearing impaired by displaying an interpreter on screen, right along with your primary message! (see the top two pictures)

Zasco Productions provides traditional large screen projection as well as offering some of the newest technologies in image display!

  • Standard screen sizes from 6'x8' up to 15'x20'. Both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios are possible, all in either front or rear projection formats. Special wide-screen formats are available in sizes to 60' wide!
  • Our screens are flyable, and are also available with ground support, including legs, and lifts. Specially engineered lift systems are available for outdoor use.
  • Standard drape-kits as well as custom fabricated screen surrounds, in different sizes and shapes.
  • Professional large-venue Video / Data projectors from 500 to 15,000 ANSI lumens including UXGA and HDTV resolution capable! Many lens options allow flexible placement of screens and projectors. Double and triple stack for projection with nearly 30,000 ANSI lumens and full time, on-line redundancy.
  • Multi-Display "video walls" created from traditional CRT displays, projection modules, or Plasma monitors!
  • Hi-Definition ready seamless switchers, scalers, and scan converters capable of handling from 1 to 6 screens with unlimited sources! Special multi-screen seamless switching systems make complex events easy.
  • Complete multi-camera live-switch video systems.
  • New inflatable screens, as well as large format LED panel technologies are rapidly becoming more popular and cost effective. Zasco Productions continues to adopt and implement these technologies as they become available.

We feature state-of-the art equipment from:

In addition to video reinforcement, Zasco Productions also offers complete A/V, Staging, and Event Production Services!

Attract and retain your audience's attention! Keep them interested in your message! Video reinforcement is perfect for:

  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Annual / Sales Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • Special Appearances
  • Awards Shows
  • Political Campaign Launches and Rallies
  • Festivals / Concerts
  • Tours and Road Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Video / Teleconferences
  • Motivational Events
  • Commencements

Our state of the art projection equipment is also perfect for computer presentations, live sports events, entertainment, and more!

Please contact us for more information, an evaluation of your needs, or a custom proposal on your next project.

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