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Hi-Definition Video Arrives with Panasonic AV-HS400 03/26/2008
The convergence of an HD broadcast production switcher and high-resolution live event seamless switcher is here, and kicks off a major upgrade of the video department.

Zasco Productions is pleased to announce the arrival of a production switcher that finally closes the gap between a conventional seamless switcher used for live event staging, and a traditional broadcast television production switcher.

View a press release from Panasonic here

The solution is the Panasonic AV-HS400, and its arrival helps kick off an exciting new era in high definition video at Zasco Productions. No longer will two separate switchers be necessary for projects where both I-MAG (image-magnification) large-screen video projection and video production are called for. This unit can accept virtually any type of SD or HD input and resolution. It can scale and switch multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously, while maintaining a true digital HD signal path throughout. This design allows all sources to be processed at their highest resolution, and the appropriate outputs configured for the "sweet spot" of the projector, display device, or recording format it is assigned to.

Download the complete brochure here.

The AV-HS400 also lightens our production equipment load and adds to on-site efficiency on many levels:

  1. The HS400's built in multi-view capability allows for one large monitor to display up to 10 "monitor windows". This eliminates the need for heavy monitor racks, as 3 racks of conventional CRT monitors will be replaced by 2 42" Plasma or LCD Displays. This also eliminates the need for external input distribution and processing- an entire rack of terminal gear, no longer necessary.

  2. The HS400 features eight (8) built-in frame synchronizers, eliminating the need for additional terminal gear, and processing. This also make our production setup much lighter, and smaller. (With fuel and trucking prices, we all love lighter and smaller!)

  3. A full aux bus allows simultaneous switching of two separate programs- ideal for multi-screen presentations or recording one source while providing another to large-screen video projectors.

  4. The HS400 features a wide array of digital outputs including SDI. Zasco Prodcutions plans to configure all our projectors with SDI input cards, eliminating hundreds of pounds of heavy analog RGBHV cabling. By replacing our analog cables with a serial digital interface signal on a single BNC cable we can deliver pure digital HD to the projectors in much less time. (Yes, thats full HD on a single BNC cable, the time savings in layout out the cable alone is tremendous!)

  5. Weight, truck space, and setup time will greatly be reduced, as the need for complicated processing and distribution gear is eliminated. Simpler interconnect will result in more cost effective productions as the system becomes lighter, and requires fewer components to deliver an exceptional true HD signal. We estimate several hundred pounds of equipment and cable can be eliminated from a typical 4-camera system.

  6. Engineering time is virtually eliminated. Since the switcher is all digital, no genlock or timing of analog signals is required, making the system virtually plug and play. By our initial estimates it will shave a couple of hours off setup and tweak time for multi-camera production. It will also allow technicians who do not have old-school analog video engineering experience to go out with this unit and set up a system properly.

Keep checking back for continued updates on our transition to HD. Current plans include: SDI outputs for our camera systems, SDI input cards for our projector inventory, 2 HDV VTR's with SDI inputs, additional interface and distribution equipment and options, and of course HD Cameras. Stay tuned!

Click here to view the item and complete specifications in our rental catalog.

Visit Panasonic to learn more.

Download the complete brochure here.

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