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Zasco Does Its Part To Keep The World Green 06/22/2009
Zasco Productions continues its commitment to handle its electronic waste in a responsible manner by recycling various electronics, batteries, and lamps.

Most people don't realize it, but...

...Those high efficiency, long lasting, cool running fluorescent lamps we all love actually contain mercury!

...CRT computer and video monitors contain lead!

...Rechargable batteries also contain lead and other heavy metals

...The metal halide, HMI, and arc type lamps we use for projectors, moving lights, and more contain significant amounts of mercury.

...Old obsolete electronics have printed circuit boards which contain lead solder, and other components which can be hazardous to our environment.

"We all need to be aware of the dangers of disposing seemingly innocent products in our everyday trash" says Zasco Productions owner Michael Zaskey. "Many of these hazardous materials can be cleanly recycled into safe and useful raw materials for use in new products."

Remember, its not "just a light bulb, computer, or TV monitor" and should not be tossed in the nearest trash can!

Zasco Productions is proud to be doing out part! Coupled with our cardboard and metal recycling program, this effort will reduce our environmental impact, and hopefully help preserve the earth and keep future generations healthy. 

Visit Earthlight Technologies Fore More Information

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