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Oracle LED Systems Black Widow HD9 09/01/2013
Zasco Productions is now home to award winning, high resolution- 9mm, high brightness- 7,000 Nit, indoor/outdoor modular LED video display tiles.

The Oracle Black Widow HD9 has successfully combined the high-resolution sought for indoor displays, with the high-brightness and toughness needed in outdoor environments making it "New England's Premier Visual Display System".

Now available for rental or production services at Zasco Productions, the Oracle LED Systems Black Widow HD9 Panels Feature:

  • True 9mm resolution
  • 3535 3-in-1 SMD LED's
  • 7,000 Nit brightness
  • 1,600 Hz refresh rate
  • 64 pixels x 64 pixels 
  • 2.04' x 2.04' x 6" tile dimension
  • Lightweight at just 31 LBS per panel
  • Rugged
  • Green
  • Integrated ladder
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Curvable:
    • Convex and concaved with a 15-degree curve per connection possible
    • Frameless flex kit
  • Creative rigging options:
    • Dual-use header / ground support beam
    • 1/2 clamp direct to tile
    • Mounting points for permanant installations
  • IP 65 rated for outdoor use
  • Industry standard, universal (non proprietary) processing and control system
  • Universal connectivity: Powercon and Ethercon
  • Field serviceable:
    • Tiles are removable from center of completed wall
    • Individual LED modules can be replaced within each tile
    • Replaceable receiver cards and power supplies
  • Universal Power / Data / Rigging / Processing compatible across the entire Black Widow HD series.

With a large inventory of LED panels based in our Chicopee warehouse, plus preferred access to additional cross-rental inventory from the Oracle Rental Network, Zasco has more than enough stock to create several massive video display walls. The modular tiles can be configured in virtually any size or shape that creative designers can imagine. Rated at a resolution of 9mm the system is sharp for viewing in even intimate venues. The panels boast a brightness rating of 7,000 nits, meaning that it has plenty of punch for outdoor events, even in direct sunlight. They are also weather resistant.

“We have absolute confidence in this product, because it’s obvious that it was designed by people who understand the demands of the live event industry,” said owner and Senior Technical Director, Michael Zaskey. “We now own bright, high-resolution displays that we can present to our clients in a simple way: the best visual value that they can put before their audience.”

The popularity of giant LED displays has exploded recently, because it gives event planners opportunities to display video, graphics, live social media boards, and sponsorships without the cost of huge soft goods, or the challenges of projection that battles to be seen against high volumes of ambient light.

Oracle has provided LED display technology to a number of outstanding and discerning clients, with an established track record that led Zasco to choose to purchase the Oracle LED product.

“We fully expect that once people get a look at this display, it will set the standard for events across New England,” Zaskey said. “Once again we’ve got the best technology in the hands of our team of creative professionals. Whether clients need all of our services, or just cutting edge displays, we are ready to deliver unparalleled options and excellence.”

At the 2013 PLSN Parnelli Awards, the Black Widow HD9 received an award for "Indispensable Video Technology". Voted by manufacturers, promoters, end-users, clients, and peers in the live event industry, this award represents proof of the product's performance, success, and viability in a market saturated with may different options.

“We’re very proud of the recognition that our friends at Oracle LED Systems are receiving,” said Michael Zaskey, owner of Zasco Productions. “They’ve not only developed a brilliant display technology, but they’re great people, and we feel very fortunate to be their customer.”

The Parnelli Awards, held in Las Vegas, bring together innovators and professionals from around the production world to recognize the very best in human and technological talent. For more information on the awards, please visit PLSN Magazine or the Parnelli Awards site.

More information on Oracle LED Systems and the Black Widow Product Line is available at Oracle LED Systems.

Zasco Productions also has a variety of mobile, flown, and ground support structure options for our LED video walls.

Visit our LED display page for more information

View the Black Widow HD Series Specification Sheet

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