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Sanyo PLV-WF20 HD WXGA Digital Projectors 04/20/2011
Native High Definition Video Projection is now in-stock at Zasco Productions with the addition of two 6000 lumen WXGA (1366 x 800) LCD video projectors.

These new 2-lamp projectors are the latest additions in our ongoing HD video expansion. With native, true high-definition resolution, manageable size, and reasonable cost, these units will make your next event shine.

Now available for rental or production services at Zasco Productions.


The PLV-WF20 is a true big time performer that really meets professional needs. To start, this projector is impressively bright with great contrast for the darkest darks and rich color.

With a professional level projector, durability is important. Inorganic optical LCD panels allow the PLV-WF20 to operate optimally for a longer time. Also, a unique automatic filter system (AMF) allows the projector to be dust free 10 times longer than typical LCD projectors. Finally, the PLV-WF20 ensures reliability with a long lasting, liquid crystal panel, teamed with an improved optical block ceiling system that allows nearly 24/7 operation.

Adaptability and flexibility are the welcomed results of a versatile lens adjustment. A power lens shift promises quick vertical and horizontal alignment, a real bonus when two PLV-WF20ís are stacked for even brighter projection with virtually no geometric distortion. A lens memory function takes out the guess work each time the projector is turned on.

Itís in the network, network control and management, that is. For pros an optional PJ-Net Organizer allows for remote control and administration of a series of projectors in a network to be controlled by one computer at a central location.

Learn more at Sanyo

Download the specification sheet

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