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  Client: Sisters of Providence Health System
  Project: VIP Conference
  Date: 11/01/2002
  Location: Marriott Hotel - Springfield, MA
  The Sisters of Providence Health System called Zasco Productions to provide production services for their Values In Practice conference held at the Springfield Marriott Hotel.

A relatively small room, with a low ceiling height, did not stop Zasco Productions from delivering the message clearly to all attendees. A total of 4 video screens were used: two rear projection, in the front, and two front projection “repeater” screens in the middle of the room, which required us to fly the projectors to conserve the limited floor space available. Our high resolution, multi-screen seamless switch system allowed perfect switching and distribution of DVD video playback, I-MAG camera, show graphics computer, and presenter’s PowerPoint computer, among the 4 video projectors. Eight wireless microphones allowed each presenter to be ready and relaxed far in advance of the time, in each session. Our custom “pickle” signaling system allowed our graphics operator to manage the presenter’s PowerPoint from behind the scenes. We also provided full lighting, drapery, and scenic elements for the stage area.

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