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  Client: Teddy Bear Pools, Inc.
  Project: Pool Care Video / DVD
  Date: 05/01/2004
  Teddy Bear Pools leads the way in customer service and education by using Zasco Productions to produce the ultimate Pool Care video / DVD.
  • Pre-Production
    • Concept development
    • Script development / authoring
  • Location Production
  • Post-Production / Graphics
  • DVD Authoring
  • DVD and VHS Duplication and Packaging

Zasco Productions produced the first Teddy Bear Pools "Pool Care Video" in the mid 1990's. This short video was a great success in both educating customers, and reducing service calls for questions on routine pool-care procedures.

Over ten years later, Teddy Bear decided that a new, and more comprehensive video was needed to best serve their customers. Once again, Zasco Productions was chosen for this new, ambitious project.

Running a total of 90 minuets, the finished product was delivered on a fully interactive DVD divided into two broad sections of "Above Ground Pool Care" and "In-Ground Pool Care". From those main categories, the user can access and view individual sections on various opening, closing, operation, care, and maintenance procedures. The unique features afforded by interactive DVD authoring allow the user to be taken down the correct path of information for their pool type and installation, based on their input. Thanks to this new feature, the user does not have to sit or search through 90 minuets of information to find a specific answer or procedure relative to their particular pool.

The video sections were produced in extreme detail, outlining procedures step, by step.   

      Visit Teddy Bear Pools.

      Click to view a brief sample of the video. (Windows Media 9 required)

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