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  Client: Eastern States Exposition (The Big E)
  Project: Employee Rally
  Date: 09/05/2001
  Location: Colosseum - Eastern States Exposition - West Springfield, MA
  Zasco Productions provides large screen video projection for an employee orientation event.

The Eastern States Exposition recently came to Zasco Productions with a challenge. How to simply and cost effectively, playback a series of motivational and training videos to a large group of employees on the floor of a bright arena? Zasco Productions responded with a very effective solution. A 15x20 foot rear projection screen on ground supports, with double stacked 3300 lumen video projectors for almost 6000 total ANSI lumens of brightness. The size and brightness of the image assured that the Big E's message was successfully delivered to every one of the over 1000 attendees. Video was played back from a DVD which Zasco Productions mastered from a customer supplied BetacamSP master. Using DVD allowed for simple and effective display of various "hold screens" or logos during times when no video playback was necessary.

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