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Video is a powerful communications tool, with limitless possibilities. Our extensive experience in all types and areas of television and video production give us the unique ability to service a wide range of clients regardless of their specifications.

We can provide equipment and crew for almost any type of production, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

Since 1986, one of our core businesses has been the production of high quality programs including:

  • Television commercials
  • Training and educational videos
  • Promotional and sales videos
  • Corporate event videos
  • Sporting events
  • Theatrical, music, and concert video production
  • Live multi-camera and live-to tape production for the broadcast industry
  • Custom college and professional sports training packages
  • Specialty production work, video-conferencing, distance learning, etc.
  • Location and on-site post-production for quick-turnaround production of event highlights, closers, news packages, etc.

Using the latest technology and highly skilled production personnel, we can design and produce a package which will effectively deliver your message within your budget and without compromise in quality. Some of our key capabilities include:

If you are an independent producer, agency, or other production professional, and require a location production crew, equipment rental, or post-production facility, we stand ready to serve you! No matter how large or small your project, and how much service you require, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you as a sub-contractor. You can count on our years of experience working in this capacity to help you deliver a quality product to your client. Our friendly, experienced production staff, state-of-the art equipment, and comfortable facilities make completing your production with us a pleasure for everyone involved.

Please contact us for more information, an evaluation of your needs, or a custom proposal on your next project.

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Zasco Productions, LLC - Serving New England: MA, ME, CT, RI, NH, VT
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