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Zasco Productions has been doing multi-camera video production since 1986. If your project requires multi-camera production we can handle it. Multi-camera production is a necessity for many projects, in order to assure that your program is covered in an entertaining, interesting, and informative manner. There are two ways to do multi-camera production:

Multi-Camera Live to Tape:

A live-to-tape production environment generally calls for a video director to "call" shots to camera operators. The technical director then cuts the program together according to the video director's instructions, all in a "live" setting. The composite or switched program is then recorded directly to tape. The program is essentially completed at the end of the show, with the exception of any minor editing or changes which may be made later. (For this purpose, ISO recordings of each camera are often made simultaneously) Our multi-camera live-switch system (fly pack system) is ideal for this type of production. We can provide just the equipment and an engineer, or supply a full crew to produce your program from concept to completion.

Click here for a complete description and technical specifications on our live-switch system.

Multi-Camera ISO:

Another technique for multi-camera production is to record each individual camera directly to its own tape. Commonly called multi-camera ISOlated production, this method allows precise cutting between the cameras and editing of the program in post-production. How is this handled accurately? Well, thanks to Zasco Productions' "Multi-Cam" software from United Media, synchronizing and cutting multiple cameras together is a breeze. The multi-cam software allows you to use synch points on each of your ISO tapes to "lock" the ISO tracks together. You can then navigate around the time-line cutting, dissolve between cameras, and arrange clips, while up to 4 camera tracks stay in perfect synch.

Our extensive experience in multi-camera productions assures that, large or small, your production will shine with technical and creative excellence!

Please contact us, for a review of your production needs, or a proposal on your next-project.

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