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Camera Remote Control Unit (RCU / CCU)
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Item Includes:
  • Power Cord

  • Description:
      Controls cameras from distances of over 325 feet, built-in genlock, serial data communi- cations, multi-format outputs(RGB,MII,SVHS)

    Can be extended up to 100 m (325 ft) The distance between the camera and remote control unit can be extended up to 100 m (325 ft) using the optional VC-P11O series camera cables. Even in this case the camera power is supplied from the RM-P200; therefore, it is not necessary to prepare a separate power supply for the camera.

    BUILT-IN GENLOCK FUNCTION Genlock operation is possible with a composite video signal (VBS) or black burst (B.B.) signal. In addition, SC phase and H phase can be adjusted on the front panel.

    CAMERA CONTROL BY SERIAL DATA COMMUNICATION A serial data transmission method is employed for camera control signals. The camera and remote control unit are connected with two data lines; CPUs built in the camera and the remote control unit perform mutual communications when controlling the camera so that accurate and reliable control becomes possible.

    MULTIPLE OUTPUTS The unit is equipped with two output connectors for the composite video signal. Moreover, any of the following can be selectively output according to purpose and use: R/G/B component signals, Y/R- Y/B-Y component signals or separate Y/C signals compatible with S- VHS VTRs.

    FRONT PANEL CONTROLS: * INTERCOM level control and jack * TALLY lamp * SHUTTER switch * Output MODE select switch * HI-SENS switch (O dB/+9 dB/+18 dB) * WHITE BALANCE select switch * AUTO SET switch, indicator and manual controls * MASTER BLACK control * IRIS control mode switch and adjustment control * CABLE COMPENSATION controls * H PHASE control * SC PHASE controls * POWER switch and indicator

    REAR PANEL CONNECTORS: * AC INPUT connector * Y/C 358 OUT connector (7-pin female) * TALLY terminals * INTERCOM terminals * AUX VIDEO INPUT connectors (BNC) * GENLOCK connectors (BNC) * R/G/B, Y/R-Y/B-Y connectors (BNC) * COMPOSITE VIDEO signal output terminals (BNC) * CAMERA CABLE connector (26-pin female) RM-P200U

    SPECIFICATIONS Output signals Composite video signal : 1Vp-p. 75 ohm x 2 R/G/B signals : 0.7Vp.p. 75 ohm x 1 each (without SYNC) Y/R-Y/B-Y signals Y : 1 Vp-p R-Y : 0.486Vp-p B-Y : 0.486Vp-p. 75 ohm each Y/C 358 signals Y : 1Vp-p. 75 ohm C : 0.286Vp-p, 75ohm (burst level) Intercom signal : Two-wire system. -10dB. 600a balanced

    (R/G/B, Y/R-Y/B-Y Y/C 358 should be selecled at camera head. The primariy output is R/G/B.)

    Input signals Genlock signal : Composite video signal 1Vp-p. 75 ohm or high Black burst signal 0.43Vp-p. 75 ohm or high AUX signal : Composite video signal 1Vp-p. 75 ohm or high Intercom signal : Two-wire system. -10dB. 600 ohm balanced Tally signal : Make-contact or power (5-24V DC or 6V AC) supply Power supply : 120V AC. 60Hz Ambient temperature : -10'C to +45'C (14'F to 113'F) Power consumption : 11W, 65W (with camera and 4" viewfinder) Weight : 5.0kg (11.1 Ibs.)

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