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Crown CM-31 R-CM31
Supercardioid condenser choir microphone with power supply
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      The Crown CM-31 is a professional quality, supercardioid condenser microphone designed for inconspicuous miking of a choir, orchestra or stage. It can also hang over conference tables or discussion groups for inconspicuous isolated miking.

    The CM-31 consists of two parts: the microphone with a permanently attached 30-foot (9.15-m) cable and the cylindrical electronics power module. The mic cable connects to the power module, which adapts the microphone for phantom powering and includes a low-cut switch. Cable connection is via miniature 3-pin connectors. The power module output is balanced, low impedance. It is protected against static and radio-frequency interference.

    The CM-31 has a smooth, wide-range frequency response for natural reproduction of the singing voice, organ or other musical instruments. Extreme low frequencies are filtered out to reduce pickup of room rumble.

    The microphone has a built-in removable hanger which allows easy position adjustment. The CM-31 microphone and cable are black

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