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ETC SP2420V+ R-SP2420V+
Sensor Portable Dimmer Rack (24 channel, 2.4KW per channel, Camlock in, Socapex Out)
1 Available *List Price $700.00   Each (per day)
*Single-item, published list-price. Contact us for package, multi-day, re-seller, or special pricing.

Item Includes:
  • Case
  • Manual

  • Description:
      This dimmer rack features Cam-lok input connectors with pass-thru, and 4 pairs of Socapex output connectors, making distribution of load circuits to multiple locations easy and efficient. Socapex multi-core cable allows up to 6 20A load circuits to be run through a single cable assembly, speeding up setup and strike times, and keeps lighting rigs neat! And of course, in true Zasco tradition this rack is enclosed in a truck-pack sized case measuring 22.5" x 30".

    Manufacturer's Specifications:

    World-class dimming performance, industrial-strength construction and an array of connection options make Sensor+ Portable Packs the professional choice for smaller touring shows, industrial rentals, compact video production, and rehearsal spaces. Sensor+ Portable Packs deliver built-in dimming features that many installation racks would envy: modular design and magnetic circuit breakers. Add to that optional Advanced Features communication and remote monitoring options. Choose the control protocol you need, DMX or ETCNet2™/ACN. Attach your load outputs to any industry-standard connector type. And quit worrying about the pounding that mobile productions dish out - Sensor+ Portable Packs are built to take it.

    Product Features:
    • 12-dimmer module configuration
    • Direct Ethernet controls signal input as well as two DMX inputs
    • Cam-Lok input connectors
    • Pass through connectors
    • Multi-pin output configurations include Veam® VSC, Pyle National® and Socapex®
    • CEM+ Control Electronics Module
    • Supports Advanced Features option
    • Supports Dimmer Doubling™

    Hundreds of thousands of ETC Sensor dimmer modules are lighting up venues everywhere. Professionals choose them because they are cost effective and deliver maximum reliability with a minimum failure rate. Known for technical elegance, Sensor's highly integrated design means fewer parts for fewer failures. And Sensor's plug-in modularity allows for more configurability, customization and easy maintenance. Sensor modules meet your system's unique needs, offering a wide variety of rise times to customize to your noise requirements and a wide variety of amperages to match your fixture inventory. And you can choose the specialty module that best suits your purposes, including Fluorescent, Relay, Constant Circuit Breaker, Delta, and GFCI module versions. ETC is looking out for you: Advanced Features dimmer modules contain embedded current and voltage sensors. These sensors constantly monitor dimmer-status information, which is analyzed by the control electronics to diagnose and report dimmer-specific load changes (individual lamp failures) or dimmer module faults.

    Product Features:
    • Elegant electrical and mechanical design
    • 20A dimmer capacities
    • 120V versions
    • 350µs, 500µs and 800µs rise times
    • Rated for 100% duty cycle and 100% current capacity
    • Advanced Features optional on most modules

    Additional Information:

    Manufacturer's Specification Sheet

    User / Operation Manual

    Manufacturer's Website

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