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Martin Jem ZR24/7 R-ZR247
High-Precision DMX Haze Generator
1 Available *List Price $150.00   Each (per day)
*Single-item, published list-price. Contact us for package, multi-day, re-seller, or special pricing.

Item Includes:
  • Case
  • Power Cord
  • Manual

  • Haze fluid not included. Choose your expendables separately.

      Lighting and special effects now appear in mid-air, more brilliant then ever, thanks to this new hazer.

    Providing professionals with a perfect canvas of light-enhancing haze. This high-precision DMX haze generator, the first in a new range of professional hazers, uses state-of-the-art digital technology and a high-velocity radial blower.

    Employing the latest in innovative ECO-Mass vaporizing system design and VGA (variable geometry airflow) it is capable of producing very small highly refractive airborne particles to deliver the perfect, optically translucent canvas of haze.

    The compact and rugged design makes it the perfect tool for all professional applications ranging from theatre and television to large-scale clubs and tours in fact any event where a truly reliable hazer is needed to create a light-enhancing canvas of water-based haze for long periods.

    The 3-digit LED user interface and state-of-the-art digital electronics gives you complete access to DMX set-up, density and output control, allowing you the choice of either continuous operation or precision digital timing. The amount of haze dispensed can be adjusted via on-board fan speed control and haze output control, and a variable temperature control enables users to utilize different Jem fluids for different effects.

    Manufacturer's Specifications:
    • 900W heat exchanger
    • Less than 2 min heat up time
    • 2.5 liter fluid capacity
    • 200m/min smoke output
    • Variable geometry airflow system
    • On-board control panel
    • Output and density level control
    • Run and delay time control
    • 4 fast access keys
    • 2 channels 3 or 5 pin DMX
    • DMX and Analog link

    Additional Information:

    Manufacturer's Specification Sheet

    User / Operation Manual

    Manufacturer's Website

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