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Panasonic AW-HS50 R-AWHS50
Sub-Compact Live Multi-Format HD/SD Switcher with MultiViewer (with 4 SDI Inputs, 1 DVI-D Input, 1 DVI-D Output, 2 SDI Program Outputs, and 1 Assignable SDI Output)
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Item Includes:
  • Case
  • Power Supply

  • Description:
      The sub-compact, multi-format live HD/SD AW-HS50 switcher offers 10-bit processing, four HD/SD-SDI inputs and one HD DVI-D input, as well as a built-in MultiViewer, Chroma Keyer, Aux Bus, 1080/29.94PsF support, and more.

    Ideal for mobile production, AV facilities, event video and more, the half-rack width HS50's built-in MultiViewer allows users to view four, nine, or 10 images on a single display-significantly reducing the cost, size, and weight of a complete HD production system. The adjustable MultiViewer outputs can also be used to provide a multi-image large-screen presentation display. Other advanced functions include dedicated hardware for picture-in-picture (PinP) with dissolve transitions, switchable upconversion, color correction, a chroma/linear keyer plus a downstream keyer (DSK), auto or manual video transitions, wipe and PinP preset memories, and frame memories.

    As a key component in Panasonic's first complete Internet Protocol (IP) production system, the HS50 also offers an IP link to the new AW-RP50 remote camera controller. This link enables remote switching of the remote controlled camera video on the HS50's AUX bus, and other unique functions The AW-HS50 has built-in, switchable 10-bit frame synchronizers on each input, ensuring reliable, glitch-free switching even with non-synchronous sources such as remote camera feeds, small camcorders, and computer graphics.

    The HS50 has four HD/SD-SDI inputs and one HD DVI-D input, two HD/SD-SDI outputs and one scalable DVI-D output. Additional standard features include an on-screen display (OSD) for viewing switcher settings, GPI input, camera tally outputs, an Ethernet control interface, 4-pin XLR 12VDC input, and an AUX Bus for a versatile production workflow.

    • 5 inputs (4 HD/SD-SDI, 1 DVI-D) and 3 outputs (2 HD/SD-SDI, 1 DVI-D).
    • The built-in MultiViewer can display up to ten image windows at one time on a single monitor, including program, preview, inputs, and more!
    • Embedded audio levels of SDI (group1/ 1 ch, 2 ch) inputs can be displayed.
    • Cut and Mix transitions are available through AUX bus and PinP bus.
    • Frame Synchronizer is embedded in all inputs. This enables asynchronous video signals to be switched without glitches. (SDI-IN1 to 4 10 bit, DVI-IN 8 bit)
    • 2 Switchable Up-converters. (SDI-IN3,IN4)
    • Color Correction on SDI Inputs (SDI-IN1 to 4) for convenient matching of video sources.
    • Dot-by-Dot feature on 4 inputs (SDI-IN1 to 4) enables insertion of SD images into HD frames with virtually no image distortion.
    • 13 wipe patterns, plus PinP, Chroma/Linear Key, Aux Bus.

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