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TecNec SVDA-1 R-SVDA-1
1x4 S-Video Distribution Amplifier
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  • Description:
      The SVDA-1 is a 4 output S-Video distribution amplifier designed for the Broadcast, Video Production and Multimedia environments. Its most common application will be to distribute the output of a VCR or other S-Video to Switchers, Routers, Monitors and other VCRs while maintaining picture quality. The SVDA-1 comes shipped ready to use. The proper Wall Transformer is supplied. Simply connect your source to the SVDA-1 Input and connect outputs as needed. Under most circumstances no gain adjustment should be required. The unit is shipped with gain set for unity. A 1Vp-p input will produce 4 1Vp-p outputs. However, if your Input level is low or the outputs are driving long (>200 ft.) cables, the Y and C gain may need to be adjusted. INPUT: 4-pin mini Din (SVHS) Y-Channel 1Vp-p terminated C-Channel 1Vp-p terminated OUTPUT: Four 4-pin mini Din Y-Channel 1Vp-p C-Channel 1Vp-p Impedance 751/2 Noise > 60dB below 1Vp-p Frequency Response DC - 10MHz +/-3dB Y/C Delay < 2ns GAIN: -4.5dB to +3dB both Y & C .6V p-p to 1.4Vp-p Y channel .45V p-p to 1.05Vp-p C channel POWER: 12VDC (18VDC Max) @ 200ma Max. Wall Transformer Supplied DIMENSION: 4"W x 5"L x 7/8"H

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