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Micro 32 Series Camera Mountable UHF Wireless Combo System with M32 Micro Diversity Receiver, Q7 Mic/H32 Handheld Transmiter, T32 Micro Beltpack Transmitter, Audio-Technica MT-350 Lavalier Microphone, XLR-M > P3-F Cable and Case.
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  The Samson Micro 32 system is frequency-agile; that is it's capable of operating over any of a number of selectable frequencies, making it eminently suitable for touring setups or where multiple wireless systems need to be used simultaneously. Specifically, it offers 32 different operating frequencies within each of three bands (low, medium, or high), allowing up to six different Micro 32 systems to be used simultaneously in one band. This system contains an M32 micro diversity receiver and either our T32 beltpack transmitter (for instrument or lavalier microphone or headset applications) or H32 handheld microphone transmitter (available in a wide variety of popular capsules). The Micro 32 system is specially designed to enable the production of professional audio tracks to accompany your video shoot or live broadcast. The use of a handheld mic transmitter or lavalier microphone connected to a beltpack transmitter effectively isolates the performer from unwanted ambient sounds such as video camera motor noise or room sounds made by the camera operator or video crew. Because the M32 receiver is extremely small and lightweight, it can be attached easily to any video camera using the supplied strip of velcro, and can even be powered directly by the camera’s own 12-volt power supply, if available. Sophisticated Diversity Circuitry ensures optimum RF performance. The system also features SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters in the receiver that focus exclusively on the incoming signal to maximize reception and transmission quality. Additionally, PLL-synthesized VCO circuitry in the transmitters reduces RF interference from spurious emissions in multi-user applications. With all these exceptional features, the UHF Micro 32 is truly a "system of choices" for demanding video professionals. 32 UHF channels in receiver and transmitters Advanced Diversity wireless circuitry Channel and group selectors Balanced inputs and outputs Available in handheld, lavalier and headset systems with a wide range of Samson and other mic elements Transmitter battery life indicator 3-pin lockable mini-XLR connector Dual-function battery/RF level LED meter 3-pin mini-XLR receiver output with supplied XLR to mini-XLR cable High performance headphone output with level control Special carry case included 3-year limited warranty

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