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Three 1/2" CCD Color Studio Camera Package (with Camera Head, Studio Back, Studio EVF, ENG EVF, Standard Lens, Rear Lens Controls, Tripod Plate, ClearCom Beltpack, Headset, and Case)
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Item Includes:
  • Case
  • Camera Head
  • KA-27U Studio Back / Camera Adapter
  • VF-P300U 4" Studio EVF
  • VF-P115U ENG EVF
  • Standard Lens
  • Rear Lens Controls
  • Tripod Plate
  • ClearCom Beltpack
  • Headset

  • Description:
      KY-19U 3-CCD COLOR CAMERA 2 LUX High-Sensitivity in LOLUX Mode CCDs are maximized for low light sensitivity to give excellent color reproduction in light as low as 2 lux (1/5 foot-candle).

    750 LINES Horizontal Resolution JVC's advanced 1/2-inch CCD is top if its class for high- resolution, smear-free pictures.

    62dB S/N Ratio New low-noise amplifier and reduced signal detection capacitance provide extremely quiet pictures with almost no noise.

    The KY-19U is top of its class. New 380,000 pixel, 1/2-inch CCDs, deliver 750 lines of horizontal resolution. High sensitivity (F/8.0, 2,000 lux) and an S/N ratio of 62dB mean crisp, clear pictures even when the light fades. And JVC's acclaimed LOLUX mode ensures natural color with well-balanced contrast under incredibly low illumination. But, JVC's KY-19U offers more than superb pic- tures. Many of its specifications and user-friendly features are found only on much more expensive cameras. So, if you want top performance in the studio or in the field, you'll find the KY-19U delivers more.

    NEW 1/2" CCDS The KY-19U features innovative 1/2" CCDs loaded with new technologies that deliver super high-resolution pictures and exceptional sensitivity. Enhanced sensitivity comes from the new micro-lens, applying JVC's light tracking simulation technology. The result is highly efficient light conversion of F/8.0, 2000 lux. Smear is also reduced to very low levels by minimizing irregular reflections and leakages of light into the vertical shift registers. Moreover, innovative engineering achieves high anti- blooming performance for perfect pictures under virtually all conditions.

    LOLUX Gain In the LOLUX mode users can capture scenes never possible before due to insufficient lighting. Turn the mode on and the CCDs are maximized for low light sensitivity equivalent to an electronic gain of 24dB plus a JVC pixel readout system which provides an additional 6dB. Together, these circuits provide a total of +30dB without the noise and picture degradation normally associated with this much gain. Excellent color balance is maintained even down to 2 Lux illumination. LOLUX = Ultra High Sensitivity

    FULL AUTO SHOOTING In the Full Auto Shooting mode the camera operator need only zoom, focus, and press the trigger. All other parameters are controlled automatically for point-and-shoot ease of operation, with superb picture quality guaranteed.

    ENHANCED AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL (ALC) WITH EXTENDED ELECTRONIC IRIS (EEI) The new Enhanced ALC mode allows continuous automatic shooting in all light levels, without the need to suddenly switch gain setting or insert an ND filter. For example, when shooting dark areas, after the iris has opened fully, the gain will automatically increase just enough to achieve proper video. Then when moving to the bright outdoors. the Extended Electronic Iris is engaged which provides a continuously variable shutter so there is no need for an ND filter. The result is continuous automatic shooting from dark hallways to bright outdoors without any interruption of the picture or intervention by the camera person. The Enhanced ALC also features an Aperture Priority mode. Just manually6 set the iris for the desired depth of focus, and the ALC circuit will automatically achieve the correct video level.

    FULL TIME AUTO WHITE The Full Time Auto White function analyzes the color tem-perature of the light source and continuously corrects for color temperature changes. Now you can follow a subject, moving from incandescent to fluorescent to outdoor lighting, without having to stop and take a new white balance for each change.

    VARIABLE SCAN The Variable Scan function provides for flicker-free shooting of CRTs. Electronic shutter increments range from 1/60 sec. to 1/2000 sec.

    ADVANCED MEMORY SYSTEM (AMS) The AMS incorporated into the KY-19U stores camera set-tings for various shooting conditions, which can be customized by a simple menu selection.

    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION Because the KY-19U needs just 12.4 watts of power with camera adapter and viewfinder, valuable battery time can be allocated to VTR operation.

    COLOR MATRIX CIRCUIT The KY-19U features a newly-developed color matrix circuit to assure accurate color reproduction.

    BLACK PAINT CONTROL With this function you can control black paint in combination with JVC's extensive line of remote control panels.

    VIEWFINDER STATUS OVERLAY The KY-19U incorporates a large 1.5-inch viewfinder with 600 lines of resolution. Using the Comprehensive View-finder Status System, a camera operator can keep track of Audio levels, Accumulated or Remaining Recording Time, and VTR operation, as well as Battery Voltage and Camera Setup without glancing away from the viewfinder. Video signal levels are indicated by the "Zebra pattern" indication and Safety Zones with a center marker are also provided.

    TRIPOD BASE A new tripod base allows quick rigid attachment with a positive automatic locking mechanism that does not require a separate locking lever. Disengagement is quick and easy with a simple lever on the side.

    LIGHTWEIGHT ERGONOMIC DESIGN The KY-19U's camera head is designed for durability and lightweight. Extensive use of solid-state circuitry also provides excellent resistance to vibration and impact, for enhanced reliability. overall balance is perfect with all controls optimally located for ease of use.

    MULTIZONE IRIS The KY-19U incorporates very sophisticated detection methods to provide very accurate auto iris exposures under a variety of shooting conditions. The Multizone Iris Weighting system gives preference to objects in the center and lower portions of the picture. The Automatic Peak/Average Detection (APB) provides intelligence to ignore unusual objects such as bright lights, thus extending the accuracy of the auto iris control.

    DIRECT DOCKING WITH A VARIETY OF VTRS To ensure maximum mobility in one-man ENG and EFP applications, the KY-19U is designed to dock directly with the BR-S422U and BR- S420CU professional S-VHS recorders. Op-tional adapters allow docking with MII, Hi8, Professional Betacam and Broadcast Betacam recorders. *Betacam is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

    CAMERA SETUP Users can easily adjust CONTOUR (Detail Enhancement) and MASTER BLACK (Pedestal) through the Camera Setup Menu. Even in extreme conditions there is no need for the camera operator to open up the camera to adjust these basic parameters.

    MANY REMOTE CCU OPTIONS For studio applications, the user can choose from two camera control units; the economical RM-P200U for most applications, or the RM-P300U where longer distance (1,000 ft. max.) or more control functions are required. A small, hand held control panel, the RM- LP80U, is ideal for simple field productions or remote copy stand applications. For long distance field productions (up to 4,920 ft.), the RM-P270U, an advanced triaxial control system is available.

    RS-232C COMPUTER CONTROL Two cables are available to provide remote control via RS-232C data link. The VC-P891U has a 9-pin connector for most computers including IBM compatible. The VC-P892U has an 8-pin connector for Apple Macintosh computers, and software is available from JVC. Software for MS-DOS systems is available from local suppliers.

    AUTO KNEE Auto Knee circuitry extends a scene's light to dark dynamic range reproduction without overexposure. As a result, the optimum dynamic range is maintained automatically for accurate color reproduction-even in high contrast situations.

    OTHER FEATURES * SMPTE type color bar * Shutter speeds: 1/601/2000 sec. * Component, Composite, Y/C, and RGB outputs * 2H Contour (detail) correction * User selectable 8-pin or 12-pin 2/3-inch lens trigger * 4 white balance settings: Auto 1 and 2, 3200K preset, Full Time Auto White * No misregistration from terrestrial magnetism * No lag, burn, or deflection distortion * Genlock circuit built into camera head

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