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Applied Electronics CUSTOM-GS-2030 R-LED-GS-2030-PKG
Complete Ground Support Package for LED Displays up to 20' wide, with up to 31' 9" Tower Height, 16"x16" HD Truss - Powder Coated Black (Engineered system, with documentation and licensed structural engineer stamps for MA, CT, NY, RI, ME, VT, NH. Additional engineering, and permits, if required, and related fees are the responsibility of the customer) NOTE: Client is responsible for compliance with all regulations set forth by the authority having jurisdiction, including obtaining any permits, inspections, or additional engineering. Zasco Productionsí outdoor truss structure can be built safely and efficiently in a variety of locations to provide large-format video displays for events. This structure has been carefully designed and engineered to operate within specific environmental criteria. The safety of audiences, clients, partners, and our employees is always our paramount concern. Zasco Productions will, on its own, or in partnership with meteorological service providers, actively monitor forecast data and current conditions to ensure that they remain within the safe operational tolerances of the structure. If at any time, conditions exceed, or appear extremely likely to exceed the engineered safety limits for the structure, Zasco Productions will take immediate and appropriate action, based on the "Operations Management Plan" provided by our structural engineer to mitigate potential risks to safety. Such action will include lowering the LED display to the ground, and leaving it in that lowered position until such time as conditions are judged to be acceptable for operation at designated height. Zasco Productions will designate a lead technician on the production site, he or she will make any and all safety related decisions at all times. Zasco Productions makes no warranty or guarantee that meteorological conditions at any specific location, at any given time, will fall within the safe operating criteria of the truss structure. Information regarding the safe operating criteria based on factors such as the required height of the structure and the size of the LED display can be provided at any time at the request of a customer. Once contracted, Zasco Productions will not offer refunds or credits for any event that is disrupted, in whole or in part, by weather or site conditions that prevent the safe deployment of the truss structure or LED display.
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