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News and Features
Key Employees Receive Aerial and Forklift Training
Michael Zaskey Earns CTS Renewal
More Oracle Black Widow HD9 LED Panels Added
Zasco Team Receives Lift Training and Re-Certification
Zasco Productions Introduces Lux Social Event Lighting
DT Videolabs PlaybackPros
CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Duplication and Printing Upgrade
Draper StageScreens added
Yamaha LS9-16 Digital Audio Mixer
Barco Folsom ImagePRO-II Jr.
LED video wall ground-support structure arrives!
Matt Derderian Earns CTS Certification from InfoComm
Structure safety part of continuing education
Warehouse Supervisor attends rigging class
Zasco Productions featured prominently in BusinessWest
Zasco Productions' newest purchase wins honors
Zasco to showcase LED display at Business Expo
Oracle LED Systems Black Widow HD9
Zasco Productions to provide display support for New England’s great state fair
Zasco Productions Makes Game-Changing Acquisition
Zasco Productions Makes Key Promotion
2013 Office Renovations Complete
Zasco Productions to provide stunning HD video for BOLD Women’s Leadership Conference
Zasco Productions hires Western Mass. native to manage operations and business development
Michael W. Zaskey Earns CTS Certification from InfoComm
Panasonic AV-HS450 16+ Input HD Switcher
Zasco Productions Expands Warehouse Space
Michael J. Burns Earns CTS Certification from InfoComm
JVC GY-HM790U HD Studio Cameras
Sanyo PLV-WF20 HD WXGA Digital Projectors
Michael J. Burns Returns As New Technical Director
HD Expansion Continues with the Panasonic AW-HS50N
Zasco Productions Joins InfoComm International
Used Equipment Sale Is On at Zasco Productions!
Zasco Does Its Part To Keep The World Green
Hi-Definition Video Arrives with Panasonic AV-HS400

Project Portfolio
14th Annual Hometown Heroes Breakfast
Ron's Run for the Roses
2015 Inauguration
2015 CES Exhibit Video Projection
Benefit Concert for Art Project Consenses
New Student Orientation / Freshmen Convocation
Convention 2014
Awards Dinner 2014
40 Under Forty Gala - Class of 2014
Ron's Run for the Roses
Interactive Game / Display
First Night - Outdoor Video Projection
20th Anniversary Rays of Hope Walk & Run
Glow In The Dark Charity Boot Camp
2013 Hometown Heroes Breakfast
Surfaces 2013 - Presentation Suite
2012 Women's Leadership Conference
2011 Commencement
Hometown Heroes Breakfast 2010
2009 Campaign Video
2008 Forty Under 40 Gala
2008 Addy® Awards
Hometown Heroes Breakfast '08
Mass of the Chrism
Presidential Campaign Speech
2007 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon
Service Facility Groundbreaking
2007 Commencement
Visit of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
2007 Employee Recognition Dinner
Resurrection Sunday 2007 Video
Inaugural Celebration - Springfield Reception
29th Annual Christmas Spectacular
70th Anniversary Gala Celebration
2006 Commencement
28th Annual Christmas Spectacular
New Leaders of the Law Awards Dinner
Fundraising Luncheon
Annual Meeting
11th Annual Luminary Series
Dr. Andrew Weil - Town Hall Lecture
MooBella On The Road - Highlight Video
Opening Night 2005
VIP Retreat
2005 National Conference
2005 Commencement
Annual Meeting
2005 Isenberg School - Celebration
2005 Graduate Commencement
Annual Meeting
Business Market Show 2005 Breakfast
Hometown Heroes Breakfast
Resurrection Sunday 2005 Video
Annual Meeting
2005 Employee Recognition Dinner
CCGI Meeting
LFD National Sales Conference
Athletic Hall of Fame - Class of 2004
Football Training / Highlight Vdieo
The Magic School Bus Live - Television Commercial
Fundraising Luncheon
The Mission: Sampling 2004 Video
Bill Cosby Comes Home
Sungard World - 2004
Plumtree Odyssey 2004
High-Definition (HD) Video Demonstration
2004 Plan For Progress Roll Out
Be-A-Star Awards Dinner 2004
The Daily Show at Boston University
Employee Communications Meeting
2004 Commencement
Pool Care Video / DVD
Employee Recognition Dinner
Simon 25th Anniversary
Plumtree Odyssey 2003
Sungard World 2003
Hometown Heroes Awards Event
Enshrinement Celebration 2003
SIA Tradeshow Exhibit 2003
2003 Commencement
2003 Graduate Commencement
2003 Annual Meeting
Speedworks Olympics Tour
Resurrection Sunday
Holiday Crew Rally - Springfield Market
VIP Conference
Sungard World 2002
Plumtree Odyssey 2002
Grand Opening
Gubernatorial Debate
JCC Maccabi Games
Stars For Wishes 2002
2001 Awards Dinner
2001 UMASS Midnight Madness
Employee Rally
2001 Freshmen Convocation
World Magazine's 25th Birthday Tour
Annual Conference - Opening Ceremonies
1999 Commencement

News and Features - Archive
Eiki LC-XT6 Video Projectors
Keith A. Payer, Earns CTS Certification from InfoComm
Adam J. Lawson Earns CTS Certification from InfoComm

Project Portfolio - Archive
2001 Commencement
2001 Stars for Wishes
2000 Holiday Crew Rally
Corporate Meeting
2000 Spring Concert
Corporate Event

Rental Catalog
Crown MT-2400
QSC MX-1500A
QSC PLX-2402
QSC PLX-3402
Williams Sound HED-021
Williams Sound NKL-001
Williams Sound PPA-R35-8N
Williams Sound PPA-T35
Canare / Tecnec SC100XXJ/L4E62
Canare / Tecnec SC10XXJ/L4E62
Canare / Tecnec SC200XXJ/L4E62
Canare / Tecnec SC25XXJ/L4E62
Canare / Tecnec SC50XXJ/L4E62
Canare / Tecnec SC6XXJ/L4E62
Shure WA302
Aviom 6416M
Aviom 6416O
Aviom 6416Y2
Gentner Telephone Hybrid Coupler
ProCo MS42
U.S. Audio Whirlwind DA-2
Whirlwind PB06
Whirlwind PB12
Whirlwind PCDI
Whirlwind PCUSB
AKG C3000
Atlas DS-7E
Audio-Technica AT8615
Audix D2
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix I5
Beyerdynamic MCE86
Countryman ECLT
Crown CM-31
Earthworks FM500
Gitzo G557 / G11510
Shure Beta 87A
Shure Microflex 150 Adapter
Shure MX418C/185
Shure SM48
Shure SM58
Shure SM58S
Shure WA570A
Shure WL93
Countryman Associates B3 B3W5FF05TSL
Countryman Associates E6 E6OW6C2SL
Countryman Associates E6 E6OW6T2SL
Samson SWJSLQ7
Shure UA8100
Shure UA844US
Shure UA850
Shure UA870USTV
Shure UA870WB
Shure ULX1
Shure ULX2 Beta 87A
Shure ULXP4
Shure UR1
Shure UR2 Beta 87A
Shure UR4D
Shure WL183
Shure WL184
Behringer UB-1202
Mackie SR24/4
Soundcraft FX16
Yamaha LS9-16
Yamaha LS9-32
Denon DN-C620
Marantz Professional PMD560
Sony MDS-E10
Tascam CD-160
Tascam CD-200
Behringer MDX1400
DBX 1231
DBX Drive Rack 4800
DBX Drive Rack PA
Presonus ACP-88
ProCo IT-8
Rane AD-22B
Sabine FBX-2400
Sabine FBX-900
Anchor AN-100
Behringer B300
EV QRX 118s
EV QRX 153/75
EV SbA760
EV Sx250
EV SxA250
Fostex 6301B
Mackie SRM150
Realistic Minimus 0.9 40-1264
TC Electronic M350
Beyerdynamic GST500
Beyerdynamic GST500B
K & M 201A2B
K & M 25950
K & M KM-2111B
K & M KM-21160B
On-stage MS7700B
Ultimate Support TS80-B
Zasco Productions FOH Drive Rack
Zasco Productions Main Amplifier Rack
Barco / High End / Flying Pig Systems Road Hog
Leprecon LP-1600 24/48
Leprecon LP-X24
NSI / Leviton MC7008/N7008-D00
ETC SP2420V+
Leprecon LD-360-DMX-HP
City Theatrical 2488
Wybron Coloram IT 87110
Wybron PS-150 820150
Zasco Custom BASE10X10PAR
Altman MF
Altman MP
American DJ PL-4450
ETC Source 4 10 Lens Tube
ETC Source 4 19 Lens Tube
ETC Source 4 26 Lens Tube
ETC Source 4 36 Lens Tube
ETC Source 4 50 Lens Tube
ETC Source 4 Jr 26
ETC Source 4 Jr 50
ETC Source 4 Jr Zoom
ETC Source 4 PAR
ETC Source 4 PARNel
ETC Source Four 750 Body
Elation Professional OPTI RGB
Philips Color Kinetics Color Blaze 72
Martin MAC 2000 Performance II
Altman Comet
Grey 8865
Northlight Systems DMX5123I
Northlight Systems DMX5125I
Swisson XSP-5R-5R
Altman B-50
Beyerdynamic DT-108
Beyerdynamic DT-109
Beyerdynamic DT-109-M
Beyerdynamic DT-109-M-50
ClearCom KB-111A
ClearCom PK-5
ClearCom PS-702
ClearCom RM-220
ClearCom RS-100A
ClearCom RS-501
ClearCom RS-502
ClearCom RS-522
ClearCom RS-601
ClearCom RS-602
Motorola CP200
Telex BTR-700
Telex CCB-1
Telex FL-7
Telex HS-6A
Telex MT-1 Isolator
Telex PH-88
Telex PS-2000L
Telex TR-700
Dell I14Z-5423
Dell I1525-121B
Dell I15RN-5294BK
Dell S1535-143B
Zasco Productions Show PC Lunch Box 1
Impact SB-35B
Matthews Studio Equipment 299705
Matthews Studio Equipment 299853
Dsan Corporation ASL4-ND3
Dsan Corporation PC-433-BP-KIT
Dsan Corporation PRO-2000
Interlink VP4810
Martin Jem ZR24/7
Ultratec Special Effects CLF-2460 Radiance Hazer
Ultratec Special Effects CLF 4500 Stage Fogger DMX
Ultratec Special Effects PAP-1030 Air Cannon
Vornado Generic Hazer Fan
Carol / Lex # 1 Feeder Cable
Carol / Lex # 2 Feeder Cable
CBI # 1 Feeder Cable
CBI # 1 Feeder Cable > Bare 10
CBI # 1 Feeder Cable > Bare 5
Leviton 16A24
Leviton 16A25G
Leviton 16A25W
Motion Labs 200 Amp. LEDV Distro
Motion Labs 200 Amp. ML Distro
Motion Labs 200 Amp. Production Distro
Motion Labs 30 Amp. Stringer Box 15AB
Motion Labs 30 Amp. Stringer Box 20AB
Motion Labs P14125LS
Motion Labs P1425LS
Motion Labs P1450LS
Zasco Custom DT100PS
Zasco Custom DT125PS
Zasco Custom DT25PS
Zasco Custom DT40PS
Zasco Custom DT50PS
CM Lodestar 1/2-Ton F-Series
CM ProStar 1000
CM ProStar 300
Applied Electronics L-16M
Genie SLC-18
Genie ST-25
Zasco Custom Projector Platform 3648
Polar Focus XY Grid System QRX
World Rigging Ltd. Aluma-Blok
World Rigging Ltd. Aluma-Lok
World Rigging Ltd. Aluma-Mini
Applied Electronics CUSTOM-GS-2030
Motion Labs Motor Controller PS-8CH-DT-125V
Motion Labs Motor Controller PS-8CH-DT-125V BC
Motion Labs Motor Controller PS-8CH-P14-208V
Applied Electronics 1-00-034-TLL
Applied Electronics 10-16-060
Applied Electronics 10-16-120
Applied Electronics 91-027-LEV
Applied Electronics 9-16-005L-CUSTOM
Applied Electronics 9-16-120
Applied Electronics 9-16-CUSTOM-AC45-B
Applied Electronics 9-16-CUSTOM-AC45-T
Applied Electronics 9-16-CUSTOM-END
Applied Electronics GS-16-HBA
Applied Electronics GS-16-HBL
Applied Electronics GS-16-MSL
Applied Electronics GS-16-SBL
Applied Electronics SCH80-B
Applied Electronics SDTRUSSPI
Thomas Truss 12x12 10 TGP
Universal Manufacturing Truss 12x12 10
Universal Manufacturing Truss 12x12 2.5
Universal Manufacturing Truss 12x12 5
Universal Manufacturing Truss Base 12x12
Universal Manufacturing Truss Corner Block 12x12
Zasco Custom Truss Platform 28.5x36
Zasco Productions LED Ground Support Rigging Package
Rose Brand DRMAJBLK13X25
Rose Brand DRMAJBLK22X25
Rose Brand DRMAJBLK40X2
Rose Brand DRMAJBLK4X24
Rose Brand DRMAJBLK60X2
Rose Brand Pewter Drape DRENCPEW15X25
Rose Brand DRMUSNAT56X24
Displays2Go LECTKD
Big Beam / Zasco Custom EXIT1-XKL
Draper PDR 223002
Draper / DaLite PDR 223003
Draper / DaLite PDR 223003Z
Draper / DaLite PDR 223004
Draper / DaLite PDR 223008
Draper / DaLite PDR 223016
Draper / DaLite PDR 223016Z
Checkers Industrial GD5X125
Peterson Systems / Checkers Industrial YJ5-125
Peterson Systems / Checkers Industrial YJ5EB-125
Retracta-Belt RB-302
EZ UP Express II
Vantage Vue 6250/6351/6620
Penn Elcom PS1000-24
Penn Elcom PS1020
Penn Elcom PS1031
Penn Elcom PS1053
Penn Elcom Skirt - 12x2 Blk
Canon YH18x6.7 IRS
Century Precision Optics (Schneider) 0LA-2312-00
Foto Akcesoria (Fujinon Replacement) B4M1/3 (ACM-17)
Fujinon ACM-12
Fujinon ACM-17
Fujinon S19x6.5BERM4
Spider Support Systems Spider Pod
Sigma VDA-26
Allen Avionics HEC-5000
Barco ImagePRO-II-JR
Blackmagic Design CONVMAAS2
Blackmagic Design CONVMBSH
Blackmagic Design CONVMCAUDS
Blackmagic Design CONVMSA
Blackmagic Design CONVMSYNC
Blackmagic Design CONVMUDC
Blackmagic Design HDLEXT-DVI
Blackmagic Design VIDPROREC
Comprehensive (Kramer) CVG-VR5CL (KR-VP103)
Gefen EXT-DVI-141SB
Gefen EXT-DVI-144 DVI-D
Kramer 105VB
Kramer 6104
Kramer 7408
Kramer 7508
Kramer FC-7501P
Kramer KR-VP103
Kramer VM-3D
Kramer VP-100
Kramer VP-300
Ocean Matrix (Kramer) OMX-7015 (VM-1055)
TecNec SVDA-1
TV One C2-2355A
Linsn CN701
Linsn EB701
Linsn MC801
Linsn TS852
Oracle LED Systems BW HD Double Header Hanging Bar
Oracle LED Systems BW HD Single Header Hanging Bar
Elo ET1915L
Panasonic PV-DF275
Panasonic TH-42PWD5UY
Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY
Panasonic TH-50PH30U
Panasonic TH-58PH10UK
Panasonic WV-BM503
Samsung B2330HD
Samsung LN32D430
Samsung P2770HD
Samsung SyncMaster 204TA
Sony KV-20M10
Sony KV-20TR22
Sony KV-20TR23
Terrestrial Digital SR15
ToteVision ATSC-100
Apex AD-1200
DT Videolabs PlaybackPro
Grass Valley 600445 T2 iDDR
LG BD590
Oppo / JVB Digital BDP-83-HDSDI
Panasonic AG-HMR10
Pioneer DVD-V8000
Eiki (Panasonic) LC-XT6 (PT-EX16KU)
Eiki (Sanyo) LC-XT3 (PLC-XF45)
Sanyo PLC-5500N
Sanyo PLC-8800N
Sanyo PLC-8810N
Sanyo PLC-9000NA
Sanyo PLC-XF10NZ
Sanyo PLC-XF45
Sanyo PLC-XU4000
Sanyo PLV-WF20
Sanyo LNS-M01
Sanyo LNS-S01
Sanyo LNS-S02
Sanyo LNS-T01
Sanyo LNS-T02
Sanyo LNS-W01
Sanyo LNS-W02
Sanyo LNS-W03
Sanyo LNS-W04
DaLite 40138
DaLite Fast Fold 12 Truss Style Legs
DaLite Fast Fold 18 Truss Style Legs
DaLite Fast Fold 20 Truss Style Legs
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 10.5x14 Dress Kit
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 10.5x14 Screen
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 7.5x10 Dress Kit
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 7.5x10 Screen
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 9x12 Dress Kit
DaLite Fast Fold Deluxe 9x12 Screen
DaLite Fast Fold Standard 6x8 Dress Kit
DaLite Fast Fold Standard 6x8 Screen
DaLite Fast Fold Truss 15x20 Dress Kit
DaLite Fast Fold Truss 15x20 Screen
DaLite Insta-Theater 100
DaLite Picture King 70x70
Draper 383325
Rose Brand Pewter Dress Kit DRESSENCPEW10X14
DaLite Project-O-Stand 425
OnStage Stands GS7462B
Panasonic TY-ST07K
Panasonic TY-WK42PR1
Premier Mounts PSD-TS72/36
Blackmagic Design VHUB/VS
Comprehensive (Kramer) CVG-2053 (VS-2053)
Panasonic AV-HS400
Panasonic AV-HS450
Panasonic AW-HS50
Panasonic WJ-MX50
Zasco Productions Live-Switch System
Zasco Productions 24 Foot Box Truck
Zasco Productions 24 Foot Box Truck Mileage
Zasco Productions Cargo Van
Zasco Productions Cargo Van Mileage
Zasco Productions Junior Consultant
Zasco Productions Junior Designer / Draftsperson
Zasco Productions Senior Consultant
Zasco Productions Senior Designer / Draftsperson
Zasco Productions Duplication Minimum
Zasco Productions Field Technician IMR
Zasco Productions General Technician
Zasco Productions Lead Field Technician IMR
Zasco Productions Lead General Technician
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician A
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician C
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician L
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician R
Zasco Productions Lead Show Technician V
Zasco Productions Shop Bench Technician
Zasco Productions Shop Technician
Zasco Productions Show Technical Director
Zasco Productions Show Technician
Zasco Productions Show Technician A
Zasco Productions Show Technician C
Zasco Productions Show Technician L
Zasco Productions Show Technician V
Zasco Productions Graphics Production
Zasco Productions HD Location Video Production
Zasco Productions Pre-Production / Project Administration
Zasco Productions Video Post-Production

Zasco Productions, LLC - Serving New England: MA, ME, CT, RI, NH, VT
Chicopee, Springfield, Worcester, Boston, Hartford, New Haven, New York, Providence, Concord, Augusta, Montpelier, and the World!

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